10 Mountain Bike Products from $5 to $200
In this video, I chose a bunch of mountain bike products between $5 and $200. We still have some great riding weather in some parts of the world, and the holidays are fast approaching, so hopefully some of this stuff proves useful or at least entertaining!
Use code BERMPEAK15 at checkout for your first order!
Pedros Micro Levers bit.ly/3pKWydC
12-Speed Master Link bit.ly/3317ABJ
1-Speed Master Link bit.ly/32XZrxY
Park Tool Tape Measure bit.ly/3frBILT
Bike Armor Mini Shields: bit.ly/3kHOsip
LEZYNE Classic Tubeless Kit: bit.ly/3kIrqYJ
DAKINE Accessory Case:bit.ly/2IWkOc4
POC Joint VPD Air Knee Pads: bit.ly/36O206U
POC Axion Spin Helmet: bit.ly/3kLGsgh
Thule Home/Shop Bike Stand bit.ly/3lQZkM8
Other Stands bit.ly/32ZbtHy
KNOG Pwr Mountain 2000 Headlight: bit.ly/3kMSZA6
Fox Tailgate Cover: bit.ly/36QdSFA
Thule Tailgate Pad: bit.ly/3fdvq2h
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Advertising disclosure: All of these videos contain products, logos, or mentions associated with Diamondback Bicycles. Whether or not the video itself was sponsored by Diamondback, they do support this channel, and by extension, every video on it. In this particular video, a sponsored deal was made with Competitive Cyclist whereby products on their website would be featured and linked within the video.

  • Matthew Blackwell
    Matthew Blackwell

    all of seths videos are either incredibly loud or incredibly quiet

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    Brent Waddoups

    Thanks Seth! You just gave me the completion needed for my boy's Christmas!

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    Bring back old profile and name! The new one doesn’t have the same ring to it

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    Jack Love

    You should do a review on the STFU bike product

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    The review guy

    I fractured and twisted my pinky today.

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    Curios FN

    y havent u been uploading seth

    • RideAllegretto

      Look on his instagram. He’s been so busy doing therapy and traveling to doctors and such

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    So now on top of not being notified I now have to manually search for your channel. Even though your channel page says I'm subscribed it will not appear on my subscription list. Anyone else?

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    Daniel Thompson

    Did Seth change his channel name or sumthin

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    Oliver Knox

    He,y Seth I got a question what wheel size you have because no offence but yur a little short and I’m getting 27.5 I just wanted to know what you have

  • Harrison York
    Harrison York

    Is a giant talon two a good beginner mountain bike

  • Anatoliy Alhov
    Anatoliy Alhov

    Ayo we ain't getting a vid this week?

    • Anatoliy Alhov
      Anatoliy Alhov

      @RideAllegretto oh yea i forgot. He has insta

    • RideAllegretto

      Look on his instagram

  • Captain SamDG
    Captain SamDG

    Ok Mr. Seth odds are you wont see this but I really hope you will. I have to say thank you so much because you are the reason I am getting the diamond back Atroz 3. You have thought me so much of what I need to know so thank you so much. This is my first real mt bike and I am ready for all of it. Also love the videos you are doing great.

  • jonathank18

    Bike noob here, I couldn’t find a definite answer for why it’s not good to hang a full suspension bike, can someone please explain why?

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    Admin Login

    great content

  • nesquik adiction
    nesquik adiction

    What do you think of the 520s rockrider?

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    I am Jesus

    Seth is my favorite person ever

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    Aeron Corpuz

    Hello!, is giant xtc slr 2015 can be a trail bike?

    • Aeron Corpuz
      Aeron Corpuz

      I hope you reply:)

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  • Soups Gaming&MTB
    Soups Gaming&MTB

    Are trail bikes better than downhill bikes f if I were to use it for jumps?

  • J & C Disc Golf
    J & C Disc Golf

    y'all even disc golf

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      J & C Disc Golf

      me too

    • J & C Disc Golf
      J & C Disc Golf

      I do


    Seth if you can answer a very important question please reply to this it is urgent

  • FBI open up motherfucker
    FBI open up motherfucker

    Wait why cant you ride a bike? I missed so many videos:(

  • Eric Marcotte
    Eric Marcotte

    tacx make the best lever..

  • Antoine Marcenac
    Antoine Marcenac

    12:54 the kid driving the car

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      Can you replace 26"2.2 on 26" × 3.0 frame bike?

  • JPeasy 1ez
    JPeasy 1ez

    Could you test a Walmart helmet Bec I use one and I would like to know if it is safe

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      Seth just wanted to say there's a you tube channel that made berm peak out of popsicle sticks (athletic kids)

  • Squirrel

    What Diamond Back bike do you think is good for a starter ?

    • Vladimír Antonov
      Vladimír Antonov

      I would say Sync'r.

  • Maxim Novakov
    Maxim Novakov

    I dare you to buy a dh bike u cant do it

  • Lara the doggo
    Lara the doggo

    I was on my bike and crashed into a bin and broke my finger and your videos are helping me to recovery

  • Logan Roffe
    Logan Roffe

    It has been a week please post something

    • RideAllegretto

      He can’t do everything. He’s trying to heal and is traveling to doctors and doing therapy. Look on his instagram

  • BOE

    Yo man Iv been binge watching your Channel. I want a bike but they are expensive, i think u should donate one to me lol. U the man FYI

  • Titlow Beach Railfan
    Titlow Beach Railfan

    You can make a bike stand to work on your bike from 2x4s. You cut the 2 pieces 3 feet long and screw them at a 45 degree angle and then cut a board 6 inches shorter than your height and screw that at the point in the 45 degree angle. Then cut a board 1 1/2 feet long and screw that at the top of the board that sticks up.

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    Can you tell me your favorite grips and style so I can look them up I’m looking for a pair

  • Caleb Forbis
    Caleb Forbis

    How do you get paint scuffs off your fram


    he sethi watch a gen the e-bike vidio and if you fill that oyr head set is a litle bit loos but i dont have the corekt tool

  • Janet Smith
    Janet Smith

    Can you tell me your favorite grips and style so I can look them up I’m looking for a pair

  • Harvey Lindsey
    Harvey Lindsey

    Could you do a review on wake hand bars I’m interested to see what they are like as they are very cheap

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      Hi,Our company has free MTB accessories, such as pedals, gloves,etc,if you are interested in them, could you help us test them and give us feedback, thank you.

  • Alex Darrigo- Martin
    Alex Darrigo- Martin

    Can you make a sick shark fin jump

  • MrHyper 285
    MrHyper 285

    Seth just wanted to say there's a you tube channel that made berm peak out of popsicle sticks (athletic kids)

  • Niku Soanki
    Niku Soanki

    Can you replace 26"2.2 on 26" × 3.0 frame bike?

  • Jordan C
    Jordan C

    Ironic that after the channel was renamed to berm peak, we have seen less and less of it and Seth seems to have stopped working on it. I understand he’s dealing with an injury, but I subscribed for the rock solid content he was pushing out every week when he was cutting trails and building features. There hasn’t been a video directly related to berm peak in 3 months. Please get back to it, your trails miss you.

    • RideAllegretto

      He can’t do everything he’s dealing with a lot of pain and is spending days traveling to doctors and doing therapy. He obviously can’t go work on trails even if he wants with how his foot is doing. He gives updates on his instagram story’s about what’s happening and when he can get back to trail building. A few days ago he even did a Q&A in his car since there wouldn’t be a video this week.

  • Connor Gowans
    Connor Gowans

    Duuuude.... you didn't censor your license plate, people can find out ur address now...

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    This guy really pushing his luck with uploading and quality.

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    Richard Markinco

    The kid driving the truck looked 12yrs old.

  • Alline Roncesvalles
    Alline Roncesvalles

    Hi, can i have a new bike? a giveaway bike, my dream is to have a new one but i don't have any money to buy a new bike please notice me😊 ride safe✊❤

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    Mvp-Pizz4 Gaming

    I super miss watching your videos Seth a was watching you since you were not even at 1m now you're at 2m 🤯

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    Hayden Boslow

    Hey Seth! I have been watching your videos for a while now and they have inspired me to get a cool bike and make some jumps in my backyard 🤟 I can never wait till I get home from school so I can see and rewatch your videos! Just wanted to see if you could wish me a quick happy birthday to me (which is tomorrow) keep up the good work man! 🤟🤟

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    Xavier Nieuwoudt

    Wat kind of bikes do you drive

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    vbddfy euuyt

    finally someone calls it Imperial instead of "SAE" or Standard

    • Cat

      What the hell is your profile picture!!???

  • The World's Okayest Michigander
    The World's Okayest Michigander

    Once quarantine is over can we please bring the trek 4900 on the show for one or two episodes. I just really want to see that bike again...

  • Lerway Chase
    Lerway Chase

    Hi,Our company has free MTB accessories, such as pedals, gloves,etc,if you are interested in them, could you help us test them and give us feedback, thank you.

  • Rookskingdom 15
    Rookskingdom 15

    Seth you should come up here to Hayden, Idaho in the summer and go to Schweitzer Mountian. It’s got awesome views from the top of the mountain and the trails are really fun

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      A “gear head” in America means a completely different thing too in Britain 😂

  • Nicholas Graham
    Nicholas Graham

    Once your leg is better you should build more stuff on woodpecker

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    Kalem duke

    U ok

  • Peak xx
    Peak xx

    I have a question to anyone really. i bought a bike that my parents helped pay for and i am really not satisfied or i dislike the bike what should i do beacouse it was mostly paid by my parents and i dont wanna tell them i dislike it so they get mad or dissapointed in me. What should i do please help me

  • Gino Fiondella
    Gino Fiondella

    how to clear rust of your bike

    • Vladimír Antonov
      Vladimír Antonov

      Sand paper

  • Arvocado on twitch
    Arvocado on twitch

    I've been watching you for three years and you're still the best youtuber. Stay Rad.Stay safe😷🤘🏼🤙🏼

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    tevaughn grossett

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    Kalem duke

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    Duncan D

    When are you going to work on the berm peak ranger station?

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    Anirudh Goswami

    Did you changed your channel name

    • Seth Aeder
      Seth Aeder

      Like in July

  • 2019 - Joshua Wright
    2019 - Joshua Wright

    Why isn’t the bike rack good for full suspension bikes?

  • The Gang
    The Gang

    Please can you review a Carrera please

  • Bruh Your Trash
    Bruh Your Trash

    Give us an update on the new bike house

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    A “gear head” in America means a completely different thing too in Britain 😂

  • Christopher Votruba
    Christopher Votruba

    Curious about where that light is hiding on competitive cyclists... They don't show it was ever available.

  • Neil Collins
    Neil Collins

    Really wanted to buy some Berm Peak merchandise for my son up here in Montreal but the Black Friday sale Really sucked:(

  • Sumner Hosterman
    Sumner Hosterman

    I've been watching this channel for years now (ever since you lived in Florida) and you really made some great videos but I've never loved the content at berm peak. Sadly this channel has lost its intimacy with the audience though that is probably just my opinion. Though I don't like the direction of the channel I respect the successful growth and am grateful the awareness it has spread about mtb anymore but now its just not my cup of tea.

    • Sumner Hosterman
      Sumner Hosterman

      @kolim jone wdym

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      Somebody forgot to blur the license plates😮😓

  • Faisal Amodu
    Faisal Amodu

    Seth you gotta do a cheap disc brakes vs expensive disc brakes.

  • TrderSauceYt

    Ok, so ik the ranger station video has passed already but when he mentioned gaming... i really want to see Seth play descenders(for those of you that dont know what it is well its basically the best MTB game like no joke search it up and you will be amazed) just a suggestion ;)

  • x4Saga

    Seth must do a video wehre he shows and I guess " breakdowns " all of his bike

  • B.H.L blue hill lotus
    B.H.L blue hill lotus

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    Scooter Life

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    It's Gorrie

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    Tru King16

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    • Vladimír Antonov
      Vladimír Antonov


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    bcvbb hyui

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  • Ash Weber-Campbell
    Ash Weber-Campbell

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  • Josh Hartshorn
    Josh Hartshorn

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  • Jon Gingerich
    Jon Gingerich

    your link for the stand doesn't take me to the stand cant find it anywhere!

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Hey seth do you still have that giant bike if you have and dont need it can you get it to me i really want that bike and i love your videos your the best

  • Tarulata Kakati
    Tarulata Kakati

    I wanted to ask that should I modify my old bike with my current savings or should I wait and save more money to buy a new one . please answer I want your suggestion


    Okay i havent been here in a while, what happened to the name of the channel and the logo

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    Somebody forgot to blur the license plates😮😓

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    you should do upgrading a department store bike for a video just a suggestion

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    siona argent

    I've watched this chanle for like 1.5 years and I still dont mtb idk why

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Seth: if your a hardtail enthusiast. Me: I am but I’m also completely broke

  • plz dont check my youtube channel!
    plz dont check my youtube channel!

    10:40 in An older video about the exposure bike light (a flood light and spot light kit that costs 725$ Fu*king Dollars.) he said "Its still true that you can Spend half the money and get something really good."

  • Peycho Slavov
    Peycho Slavov

    Oh boy, is it that expensive in the United states of America ...

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    Thiccboi 69

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      soiung toiue

      Say it with me. "I'm special and I deserve it." Lol

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    velo gamer

    i smell a dying channel... :/ think of some new ideas seth and no one cares about your stupid rc cars lol

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    Nah this sucks. 🙁

  • Nedroj

    Stop using 2 shots, it's just awful. Look in the camera you talk to. Nobody cares to see you look away from us. Don't fall for the bullshit. Do what you use to do.

  • FaZe_urnan

    Has he got rid of the seths bike hacks channel

    • Vladimír Antonov
      Vladimír Antonov

      No, je just changed the name.

  • simon nielsen
    simon nielsen

    what happent to the attic

  • Žan Breznik
    Žan Breznik

    Hey seth do you still have that giant bike if you have and dont need it can you get it to me i really want that bike and i love your videos your the best

  • ruben z
    ruben z

    Why don't you build on Berm Peak anymore? I loved those videos.

  • Mighty Junaid Rocks
    Mighty Junaid Rocks

    Hey berm peak please show that how to make a normal gear bike into mountain bike.


    What is good first full suspension bike


    Hey seth,. I was wondering if you have a friend or someone who ware's an eyeglasses when riding. I wounder how he does that,., Caus i to have to ware glasses, its kinda hard. Its me jones form the philippines.,